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Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School

Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School a large Government Secondary School in Khon Kaen, one of the “big four of Isan.” The school is located in the city’s heart, Kaen Nakhon Wittayalai School, near Central Khon Kaen and it serves as an educational magnet for many surrounding communities.

“Welcome to the English Program at  Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School! The E.P. is a small program at the school and currently has one section for each of the M1 to M6 grades. As such, the program prides itself on creating a familial environment for the students while still maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere among the Thai and foreign staff.”

Harvey Andrew Moore

KNW Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor Program Manager
Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School
Harvey Andrew Colquitt Moore
Harvey Andrew Moore Headteacher
Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School
Pong Metinee
Pong Metinee Operations Manager
Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School
KNW Coordinator May Rawisit
Suthita Rawisit (May)
นางสาวสุธิตา ระวิสิทธ์
BFITS Coordinator
Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School
KNW Coordinator Fah Wipada Maneerat
Wipada Maneerat (Fah)
นางสาววิภาดา มณีรัตน์
BFITS Coordinator
Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

In my old school, I have had a hard time learning English. However, ever since I attended KNW and joined the BFITS English program, I am very glad to say that it is an amazing place to learn English. My proficiency in English has greatly improved. The BFITS teachers are so nice and always make sure every student understands each subject. I can now speak, read, and write English with great confidence.

Elisa KNW Student

Studying in the BFITS English Program has been a transformative experience for me. It has helped me improve my English communication skills and expand my knowledge. Learning in this program has not only boosted my confidence in speaking and writing proficiently in English but also led to significant improvements in my language proficiency. I wish to convey my appreciation for my BFITS teachers’ dedication and support.

Chin KNW Student

I’ve been studying in my native language for a long time. When I joined the BFITS Program, I was quite worried about my English skills. However, I can see that my skills have improved more than I expected. I can now understand what the teachers tell me and I can talk with them with confidence.

Focus KNW Student

I have had a lot of experiences that I would never have had if not for the BFITS English Program at KNW. Before I joined the program, I did not like going to school as I didn’t enjoy studying. However, since I have been here, I want to come to school every day! That is because our teachers are very kind. They not only teach us knowledge, but they also teach us about life.

Function KNW Student

In my opinion, the education system here is quite good. All of the BFITS teachers are quite friendly. This is very helpful in learning the language. However, I would like the classroom to set clearer rules about speaking English in the classroom. In order for students to absorb the language and learn to speak English, they should only speak English in the classroom.

Peanut KNW Student

In my first year, I learned everything in English in classrooms. At first, I did not understand what the teachers were trying to say, but I am used to it now. The most enjoyable thing is playing Kahoot! This because it is very fun and exciting. My BFITS teachers are also kind and funny. My English skills are greatly improved right now.

Pukpik KNW Student

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Kaennakhonwitthayalai (KNW) School