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Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School

Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School

Welcome to Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School!

Andrew Stamp

BP Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Patrick O'Connor
Patrick O'Connor Program Manager
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School
Andrew Stamp
Andrew Stamp Headteacher
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School
Kunlavadee Joom
Kunlavadee Joom Operations Manager
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School
BP Coordinator Nart
Sirinart Tonwoot (Nart)
นางสาวศิรินาฏ ต้นวุฒิ
BFITS Coordinator
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School
BP Coordinator Gunner
Thanaphorn Apisuksiri (Gunner)
ธนพร อภิสุขสิริ
BFITS Coordinator
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School
Mathuladda Thoskhui (Mook)
มธุลัดดา ทศคุย
BFITS Coordinator
Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

During my 2 years at this school, I have substantially improved my critical thinking and articulation skills. The BFITS Program offers a lot of fun and challenging extracurricular activities. It also provides experienced and professional teachers who help me improve myself and prepare for my future.

Carbiel BP Student

I love the BFITS Program because we have many activities to do every day. The lessons are always fun and interesting. Also, if I don't understand anything, the BFITS teachers will give me an explanation, as some subjects are a little bit difficult. When we have a festival or open house, we have to prepare ourselves for the show, we can do singing, dancing, drama or play the musical instrument. I feel so happy to be in this program.

Kaotip BP Student

From my own perspective, studying in the BFITS Program is a great chance for me because there are lots of opportunities for me to do something , All the BFITS teachers are really nice and they always understand the students and the most important for me is the camp. I love all the BFITS English Camps!

Maudie BP Student

After studying in the BFITS EP & IEP Programs, I learned many things. I have fun in studying and did many new things. There are many activities to do so that students do not get too stressed out about their studies.The activities were both fun and educational. And most importantly, I got to make new friends, all of whom were very nice!

Itim BP Student

I feel happy to study in the BFITS Program. Even though there are some subjects that I don't understand, I have friends and BFITS teachers who help me. Each teacher is friendly and cares a lot about the students. Overall, I really like it and want to continue studying like this.

Ice BP Student

All the BFITS teachers are good and kind and the classrooms are clean and spacious. The content is easy to understand and the course doesn't seem too difficult as there is a variety of forms of instruction and fun. I always enjoy the BFITS English camp and other fun activities such as Christmas day.

Kwang BP Student

Since I entered the BFITS Intensive English Program, my life has changed. I meet various people, my friends, and BFITS teachers. I am happier than before, and learning what I loved comforted me a lot. I want to thank the BFITS IE Program for their help and support.

Apam BP Student

Since I was studying here at the BP School for many years, the BFITS Programs have taught me a lot for English skills such as grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc., which all have helped and encourage me learning the language.

Beam BP Student

I spent six years in Burirampitthayakhom School's BFITS English Program, learning from native English speakers and Thai teachers who were always supportive. My English communication skills improved significantly, and I loved the annual BFITS English Camp, making it a highly recommended choice for those interested in enhancing their English proficiency.

Tonkla BP Student

During 6 years, I have more confidence to speak English. We have a lot of activities and amazing extracurricular. All BFITS teachers help me improve all my language skills. Also, I always get positive energy when I go to school.

Porpia BP Student

I think our BFITS program is very useful and strong. We learn English with native speakers which is very important for our future because nowadays people around the world use English as a second language.

Micky BP Student

We learn English, Math, and Science with Native speakers so we have to speak English in the class all the time. I think the BFITS Program with our BFITS Teachers made me really good and confident to use English.

Petch BP Student

The BFITS Program is very interesting. I am really happy to study in this program. Our BFITS teachers always make sure that students understand in lesson. Also, my English skills are really improved now.

Chingching BP Student

I like to learn English and I would like to improve my speaking skill as well. The BFITS Program is really helpful to me and my English skill is better now.

Pim BP Student

The BFITS Program is opportunity to learn English with native speaker. It’s really fun to speak English in the class all the time. That’s makes me have more confident to speak English.

Nana BP Student

For me, the English subject is very important one but really hard to study. The BFITS Program changes my mind about English. It’s fun more than I think and teacher is very nice and kind.

Yok BP Student

I really enjoy in the English class. There are many fun activities to do with my friends and BFITS teacher. I love to speak English. These educational games and activities help me a lot to improve my English speaking skill.

Punch BP Student

The BFITS Program is very interesting. I’m a student so I used to study with many native speakers. That makes me able to listen and understand many accent too. My speaking skill, writing skill and reading skill are really improved now.

Ploy BP Student

It’s very fun to study with a native speaker. The BFITS teacher tries to speak slowly to make students understand. I got a lot of vocabulary and grammar now. English is very fun!

Kwan Khao BP Student

I am really happy to study in the BFITS Program. I like the way the BFITS teachers teach in the classroom. It’s easier than I study with a Thai teacher. I really enjoy it!

Wee BP Student

The BFITS Program is very nice. The BFITS teachers are very kind and calm. They speak very clearly and explain very well for each topic.

Eve BP Student

The BFITS Program is somehow useful and important to everyone. There are a lot of educational games in the classroom to make us students relax and have fun while learning.

Wawa BP Student

The BFITS Program is totally cool. I like to study English so much but my speaking and reading skill are so weak. at first. The program help me to improve those skills because in the classroom I have to speak English with the BFITS teachers. It’s like I practice to speak English every day.

Golf BP Student

The BFITS Program is very great program to us students who would like to improve their English. I believe this is because of the objectives of the English subject in this program which is more focused on listening, writing, and speaking.

Phrom BP Student

The BFITS Program is good. You’ll definitely be very good at English, because we learn it with Native speakers. I think my English skills are better than before.

Pato BP Student

I love all our BFITS teachers and I am very happy to studying at the BFITS Program. Teachers always so nice to us and they helps us a lot. I think our the program is really good.

Aida BP Student

The BFITS Program is very nice. We use English in our classroom. The BFITS teachers make me more confident to use English. They are also really helpful to me. I really enjoy all our class with our teachers.

Kikie BP Student

I think English is very important because it is a global language. I believe I am also happy with the BFITS program. The BFITS teachers are good in teaching and they are all so kind.

Time BP Student

I would recommend the BFITS Program at BP to students who want to improve their knowledge in English, since all the books are quite intense and easy to learn and study with the BFITS teachers.

Smith BP Student

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Buriram Pitthayakhom (BP) School