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Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)

Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN) is a dynamic educational institution that empowers students to “Develop Language Skills” through immersive English learning. By harnessing the power of technology, we “Increase Knowledge” and encourage students to “Promote being Thai” while fostering a global perspective, enabling them to “Go Beyond World Class.”

Welcome to Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN) School (Pratumnak Suankularb Matthayom). We strive to elevate the quality of education by nurturing students’ ability to apply English and critical thinking skills effectively at an international level. Join us in this pursuit of excellence!

Elmer de Luna

KPN Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Alexandria O'Bannon
Alexandria O'Bannon Program Manager
Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)
Elmer de Luna
Elmer de Luna Headteacher
Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)
Tao Pimpatt (OM)
Tao Pimpatt Operations Manager
Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)
BFITS Coordinator Mai
Chonticha Niemmuad (Oum)
ชลธิชา เนียมหมวด
BFITS Coordinator
Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

In my view, the BFITS English Program has been a positive experience. Studying is not only enjoyable but also highly beneficial, particularly in the development of our English skills.

Baitoey KPN Student

In my opinion, studying in the BFITS English Program at KPN is not only about learning the English language but also about preparing students to gain life experiences.

Namneung KPN Student

Studying in the BFITS English Program is fantastic. It offers valuable experiences, enhances our English skills, and the kind teachers provide effective instruction.

Keaw KPN Student

Studying in the BFITS English Program is truly enjoyable; I like it a lot. It has exposed me to new teaching styles from foreign teachers, significantly improving my language skills and introducing me to a vibrant EP community.

Rainbow KPN Student

The BFITS English Program experience is unforgettable. It facilitates meeting new people, making friends, and learning English extensively. It's not just about language; we express creativity and acquire practical life skills.

Fahsai KPN Student

The BFITS English Program at KPN has developed my English skills, introduced me to kind and humorous teachers, and created a friendly class environment, making me feel at home. I'm delighted to be an EP student.

Amie KPN Student

Our Amazing Events

Check Out Our School Activities

Kanchanapisek Wittayalai Nakhon Pathom (KPN)