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Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School

Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School is situated in the quiet and welcoming Lat Phrao area of Bangkok. The upper secondary Mathayom 4-6 English Program operates under the management of BFITS Thailand and is set to educate 180 students by the year 2025. The curriculum encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including English, Math, Science, Communication, and Academic Writing, all within the BFITS framework. The school is committed to fostering hands-on and active learning experiences, enabling students to apply their knowledge to real-world situations

Welcome to Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School, where we cultivate a vibrant learning environment, fostering curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we acknowledge the distinctive potential in each student. Join us on an educational journey where, together, we explore ENDLESS horizons and unlock the POSSIBILITIES within every student.

Aicelle Velasco (SW2 Headteacher)

Aicelle Velasco

SW2 Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Trell Cornelius
Trell Cornelius Program Manager
Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School
Aicelle Velasco (SW2 Headteacher)
Aicelle Velasco Headteacher
Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School
Nut Nutnaree (OM)
Nut Nutnaree Operations Manager
Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School
SW2 Coordinator Kanun Sunisa
Sunisa Tanphet (Kanun)
นางสาวสา แทนเพชร
BFITS Coordinator
Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

We use English every day when talking with BFITS teachers and friends which gives us confidence when speaking. We get new vocabulary for practice and learning every day. There are frequent presentations, which allow us to learn how to work as groups and plan, also there will be a teacher ready to give individual advice, allowing for development.

Jaidee SW2 Student

The people here are nice. BFITS teachers are always looking out for us. We got a lot of activities which make us become closer in the BFITS program.

Plum SW2 Student

Studying in the SW2 BFITS English Program has allowed me to learn and do many new things. Even though I'm not that good at English, I have improved it by learning various skills, such as speaking, listening, writing, using English in business, and using English for publication. The teachers here are very kind and friendly. When I need help, the teachers always look after me closely, whether they are foreign BFITS teachers or Thai teachers.

August SW2 Student

Learning in the SW2 BFITS English Program helped me improve and understand more about English. The people here are very nice and I have learned and gained many knowledge skills. There were various activities for the students to do and everyone enjoyed it very much. Even though I have many projects and problems to deal with, I can get through and be done with all stuff. Anyway I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for providing us with good support and contribution to your students.

Dew SW2 Student

In the SW2 BFITS English Program, I got to see my lovely friends and teachers. The BFITS teachers are really kind and encouraging. Having most of the subjects in English is very ideal for improving my language. I really like the classroom. It was designed very well in my opinion, there're also air conditioners, a computer and a very big television.

New SW2 Student

Since I’ve started learning in the SW2 BFITS Program, I’ve gained a lot in knowledge and communication skills. I got to use English every day and it makes me feel comfortable and get used to it. I also developed my ear to understand the wide variety of teacher accents more. I’m not just able to communicate in daily life but I've studied new vocabularies in Math, Science, or others. Those vocabularies and languages you all use in subjects were a little bit hard to understand at first. However, I see how I’ve changed to understand them more!

Mewji SW2 Student

Learning with the SW2 BFITS English Program has been quite the experience! I have developed many old skills along with acquiring new ones over the course of the year with the help of the wonderful and lovely teachers. What I like the most are the many chances that we had to express ourselves in activities.

Note SW2 Student

The SW2 BFITS Program will provide you with all of the necessary subjects of English. The camp is fun and I have a good time during all of the camps.

Pam SW2 Student

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Satriwitthaya 2 (SW2) School