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Suksanari (SNR) School

Suksanari (SNR) School

Welcome to Suksanari (SNR) School!

Matthew Thomas Kerr

SNR Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Alexandria O'Bannon
Alexandria O'Bannon Program Manager
Suksanari (SNR) School
Matthew Thomas Kerr
Matthew Thomas Kerr Headteacher
Suksanari (SNR) School
Tao Pimpatt (OM)
Tao Pimpatt Operations Manager
Suksanari (SNR) School
SNR Coordinator Khun Kwang
Tunchanok Chiensamanya (Kwang)
นางสาวธัญชนก เจียรสมัญญา
BFITS Coordinator
Suksanari (SNR) School
SNR Coordinator Khun Waen
Thanannat Sripradit (Waen)
นางสาวธนันนัฏฐ ศรีประดิษฐ์ ศรีประดิษฐ์
BFITS Coordinator
Suksanari (SNR) School

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

In my opinion, all BFITS teachers are great. They made me laugh and always have way to make us happy. Also every BFITS teaches are kind. And let us learn through playing fun education games.

Melbourne SNR Student

The first time I came here I felt very great. New friends and a lot of things. The BFITS teachers are very friendly and help me a lot in the classroom. They made me feel happy and comfort. I really learned from the BFITS program and I like this place.

Prae-Bua SNR Student

I like the BFITS Programs very much. The BFITS teachers are kind to us. When I didn't understand, they taught me calmly, without being harsh or rude. Although there's a number of homework, I understand that all these helps me learn and gain more knowledge. Thank you very much for teaching us in this BFITS program.

Cake SNR Student

We really like the BFITS program. The 3 years since we started studying have made our English improve a lot. It has been really helpful to us. We don't regret choosing to study this program. The BFITS teachers are lovely and friendly. Including teaching equipment helps make learning interesting.

Dew SNR Student

Since I'm a former EP student and currently an IE, I find these BFITS programs frankly meet my demand of enhancing the use of English in complete 4 skills. Moreover, our beloved teachers from both pragrams are also compassionate , down-to-earth and skillful. I'm truly happy to be part of this.

Spearmint SNR Student

So I joined this BFITS programs for about 6 years and I can’t really deny that this place make me courage to speak English because we met teachers who were lovely and always taking care of us. Finally I want to say thank you and I’m lucky to be the one in this program.

Almond SNR Student

Back when I was learning in EP, I got many chances to improve my communication skills, however, at the moment I am in IE, I also have new experiences such as fun activities that enhance all English skills. All BFITS teachers are enthusiastic and friendly.

Mild SNR Student

Since I have been a student in the IE programs for 5 years, this BFITS program has greatly improved my English skills. Such as my vocabulary, grammar and accent. Throughout this time, I have been very pleased and grateful to have been a student in this program because the foreign teachers are very kind and friendly. That made me able to have more courage to communicate with foreigners.

Prim SNR Student

I joined this IE programs for about 5 years and I love this BFITS program. I enjoyed talking with BFITS teachers. The teacher is very kind. Made me brave to speak English more.

Deena SNR Student

As a part of both, EP and IE programs, I'm so glad I'm here. Being a student of these BFITS programs I was taught to be more confident with my English, and not to be afraid of making mistakes which was the best thing you should keep in mind when you are learning a language. The BFITS teachers here took a good care of us and truly support us, that I found myself more into learning english!

Pat SNR Student

Before I had applied in the Intensive English program (IE), my English skill was really bad. I couldn’t even understand what the teacher was teaching about although it’s basic words. However, thanks to every BFITS teacher's attempt to improve us so hard, I obviously have better English skills whether speaking, listening and writing. The most important thing about the IE community is that no one judges you no matter whether you use grammar correctly or not because all students come here to develop themselves, we support and encourage each other.

Noey SNR Student

I have been studying in this BFITS program for 6 years by this semester. I have received excellent English classes. We have a special class particularly only in IE program, so BFITS teachers have extraordinary time to take care of us. English classes here emphasize not only the reading and speaking skills, but also grammar skill. Even though we have supplementary classes which make us have less leisure time than other programs, I have seen my English skill improved a lot through my presentation and writing projects.

Ju SNR Student

I’ve studied IE program for 5 years, initially at my mother’s urging. I grew to enjoy English, especially presentation classes, which boosted my self-expression and courage. Being part of the SNR BFITS IE family is fantastic!

Aki SNR Student

Since coming to study in this BFITS program In the beginning, I still didn't know much vocabulary or grammar. After studying for a while, I started to know the basics or things that I should know in English subjects. And when I arrived in high school, there were presenters who came in. I think it's good that we can speak English.

Palmy SNR Student

I have been in the BFITS program since I started attending SNR school in M.1. So now it's for 6 years. I’m very happy to study here and have a good experience with BFITS teachers together with all of my friends.

Sorn SNR Student

Since I joined IE program, I discovered that studying this BFITS program improved my English skill and made me more expressive. In the next semester, I hope to have such a good experience again. Lastly, thank you to all the BFITS teachers who have always taught and cared for me. I’m really grateful to be a part of this BFITS program.

Tonkao SNR Student

I have been in the BFITS program since grade 7 and this is my 6th year now. I found that the IE program made me feel courage to speak English and can understand English easier. It’s such a great experience for me. Lastly, thank you to all my lovely BFITS teachers and friends, I’m really glad I’m here.

Yewon SNR Student

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Suksanari (SNR) School