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Benjamarachalai (BR) School

Benjamarachalai (BR) School is an all girl school which has rich history of progress and high educational standards.  The school is located near the Giant Swing and City Hall.  

Welcome to Benjamarachalai School under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King.  Our motto is “Excellence in Academia, Good sportsmanship, Strong morals and Exceptional Extracurricular Activities.”  Benjamarachalai English Program prepares our girls to be ladies.  We provide a high standard of English education and help our students follow their dreams.

Suid Srisawat

BR Headteacher

Our Management and Support

Empowering Teachers to Succeed

Explore BFITS’ dedicated Support Team. Together, we nurture a collaborative environment that ensures teachers excel in their daily tasks and drive student success.

Alexandria O'Bannon
Alexandria O'Bannon Program Manager
Benjamarachalai (BR) School​
Suid William Srisawat
Suid Srisawat Headteacher
Benjamarachalai (BR) School​
Tao Pimpatt (OM)
Tao Pimpatt Operations Manager
Benjamarachalai (BR) School​
BR Coordinator Khun Aom
Siriwan Vongcom (Aom)
ออม ศิริวรรณ วงษ์คำ
BFITS Coordinator
Benjamarachalai (BR) School​

Our Success Stories

What Our Happy Students Say About Us

Discover inspiring student testimonials showcasing the transformative impact of our dedicated BFITS teachers and their enriching educational experiences.

I think the BFITS teachers are very friendly. Every time I got confused, our teachers tried to repeat what they said to make sure I understand the lessons. I love the BFITS EP Program because it makes me feel comfortable to talk to foreigners and I can see the improvements in my English skills.

Pad BR Student

I really enjoy studying here. Our BFITS teachers are friendly and they are really fun to talk. At first, I was struggling to express myself but my teachers tried to encourage me to speak English more and after 3 months I’m comfortable to express myself and become more confident.

Bua BR Student

I love how the BFITS Program encourages me to think outside the box. The program help me to builds up the ability to explore new things to enhance my creativity. The lessons not only focus on the knowledge inside the textbook but also encourage me to think beyond.

Prayfah BR Student

I think the BFITS EP Program is such a good program because it helps me improve my English skills. My favorite subject is English and I can see the improvements by studying in this program.

Ping BR Student

I like the BFITS EP program because I have an opportunity to study with native speakers. Not only the language that I learn from them but I also share and exchange the differences between our culture. English is one of my favorite subjects and I become more confident day by day because of this program.

TK BR Student

Studying here make me confident in my English skills. Our BFITS teachers really care about us. I really appreciate all the efforts they put. My teachers don’t just teach but they prepare us the lessons ahead. For me, all my teachers are my family.

Mild BR Student

Our Amazing Events

Check Out Our School Activities

Benjamarachalai (BR) School