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I fell in love with Thailand and teaching when I moved here in 2011. Before the big move that changed my life, I had been to Thailand twice as well as 8 out of the 11 Southeast Asian countries as an ASEAN youth ambassador.  It was Thailand that kept calling me back and so I’ve found my way here and made it my second home.  Today, I manage English Programs and the teachers who make the magic happen in Bangkok’s top private and government schools. I am currently finishing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Assumption University in Bangkok.




I'm Marjorie, but most people call me MJ. I'm from Mindanao a.k.a “The Land of Promise,” in the southern part of the Philippines. After completing university, I wanted to try the “western waters.” I came to Thailand in 2001 as a gateway to find a brighter future in a western country. That was “The Perfect Plan,” which never came to be –instead I found my Bright Future here in this company. I started as a Kindergarten (cover) teacher in 2005 and was eventually promoted to a management role. These fourteen superb, enjoyable, grinding years with BFITS have been years of privilege;  working with professionals from different cultures and fields with one common goal: to educate the future generations of Thailand. I completed my Master’s in Education, Emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction in 2015 at Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). I like outdoor activities and adventures and I've traveled to most ASEAN countries and China.





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Program Assistant

Greetings Y'all.  Ed here.  I am from the "City Too Busy to Hate," Atlanta, Georgia.  As the Training Manager I live by the slogan of "Iron Sharpening Iron."  As an experienced teacher of all subjects I am the Iron that will sharpen your skills in the classroom.  As an eternal student I will learn from you as well,  you sharpening me.  One of my goals is to visit all inhabited continents, 5 down, 1 to go!  



Program Assistant

I grew up just outside Chicago, USA. I moved to Thailand and started working for BFITS six years ago after graduating with a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College. After 4 years of working for BFITS as an ICEP teacher in Isan and Bangkok, I moved to Brighton, U.K. to get a Masters in International Education and Development from the University of Sussex. A year later, I returned to Thailand and started working for BFITS again as the Program Assistant Manager. Since moving to Thailand, I have traveled extensively in the region - using school breaks to visit Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. I love exploring new cities and trying new foods and one of her favorite things about working for BFITS is getting to meet new people and hear their stories. I can't wait to meet you!