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ICEP teachers are Native English Speakers from UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada and South Africa. Our teachers are certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language. English-speaking facilitators model the language, help students gain exposure to new accents, and monitor their progress towards successful language production.

Learning Environment

The ICEP classroom is an English-only environment which comes fully equipped with air conditioning, LCD projector, speakers, desktop computer/laptop and internet access. Maximum class size is 30 students to ensure ample attention for each and every student?s learning needs.

English Subject Functions

  • Understanding of and capacity to interpret what has been heard and read from various types of media, and ability to express opinions with proper reasoning

  • Endowment with language communication skills for exchange of data and information; efficient expression of feelings and opinions

  • Ability to present data, information, concepts and views about various matters through speaking and writing

  • Appreciation of the relationship between language and culture of native speakers and capacity for use of language appropriate to occasions and places

  • Appreciation of similarities and differences between language and culture of native and Thai speakers, and capacity for accurate and appropriate use of language

  • Usage of foreign languages to link knowledge with other learning areas, as foundation for further development and to seek knowledge and widen one’s world view

  • Ability to use English in various situations in school, community and society

  • Usage of English as a basic tool for further education, livelihood and exchange of learning with the world community

Globally Competitive Resources

All the chapters in our textbooks are delivered via corresponding BFITS PowerPoint lessons which are interactive and comprehensive (includes vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening). ICEP utilizes learning tools such as student books, workbooks, teacher?s guide books and SRA reading material from McGraw Hill.

ICEP Digital Library

Technology and innovative learning are key aspects of the ICEP learning strategy. Over the years, we have developed and collated worksheets, videos, activities, and PowerPoint games that correspond to our curriculum. These are readily available for both ICEP teachers and students.➾