Operations Manager

I'm Jan and I enjoy working to help our schools have the most successful learning experience for their students. I graduated from Sarasas Ektra Bilingual School and Bangkok University International College with a degree in Business English. I have been working at BFITS since 2014 managing the performance of our schools.  When I do have free time I like to work out through boxing, hip-hop dancing and playing badminton. I also love traveling to different countries so I can experience new cultures. And one fun thing about myself is that eating is also another passion!


TAO Pimsakul

Assistant Operations Manager

My name is Tao. I graduated with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts from Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai but my hometown is Bangkok. I like to read novels, play games, and travel in my free time. I have spent time in the north of Thailand, Japan, and Singapore. Something funny about me is that I am very clumsy! I have been known to stumble over anything - my leg, the floor, even the air! I have worked with BFITS for around 5 years. I enjoy working with them because when you work with BFITS, you feel comforted.


Cho Veraserivadhna

Operations Manager

My Name is Cho which actually comes from a misunderstanding of my Chinese last name “Chou”. “Chou Jin Wei” is my full name and many people think that Chou is my first name but really, it is my last name. My family is originally from Guangzhou, China and I graduated with a bachelors degree from Bangkok University. I have been working at BFITS since June 2018. I joined the BFITS team because I was inspired by their message: "Being a part of the nation's bright future." I love to experience new places and people and I have traveled to many countries, but my favorite place to visit is China. Every year I visit my family in Sichuan, China for Chinese New Year. I love riding my custom motorcycle through the mountains and going camping.



Assistant Operations Manager

My name is Siraporn Jungjan but you can call me Gloy. My hometown is in Phichit province but I moved to Bangkok when I was in Kindergarten. I’ve been working at BFITS for about 4 years. At first, I was the coordinator for SSP school but now I am an Assistant Operations Manager at the office. I graduated with a Bachelors degree from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University Hua-Hin with a major in Airline Business and I have an MBA from Ramkhamhaeng University Bangna. My favorite places that I've traveled to in Thailand are the beaches in Bangsan, Hua-Hin, and Rayong. I have also enjoyed visiting Laos. My hobbies include watching movies and shopping online. I like to tell everyone “I’m a serious person” but no one ever believes me! I guess that means I’m pretty fun. I like working at BFITS and I think the structure of the organization, the job description, and other staff here are very lovely.



Senior Office Administrator



Assistant Office Administrator