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What BFITS Offers

BFITS Thailand provides a comprehensive teaching opportunity with multiple levels of support and privileges whether you are an aspiring teacher or a seasoned educator. 

Teach Across Thailand

With our nationwide network of schools, immerse yourself in Thailand’s culture and beauty while making a positive impact on our students.

Work Permit

Unlock opportunities with a legal work permit for a fulfilling and secure teaching experience in Thailand.


Enhance your teaching prowess through comprehensive and tailored training programs for professional growth.


Modern curriculum and teaching resources that inspire young minds, fostering 21st century skills and a love for learning.


Receive support from our dedicated coordinators and headteachers as well as continued support from HR, training, and program managers.

Events & Recreation

Achieve work-life balance and enjoy year-round events in Thailand for leisure, recreation, and wellness.

Perks & Privileges

Enjoy exclusive perks and privileges as part of our esteemed BFITS community, making every day extraordinary.

The BFITS Difference

With 20+ years in academics, a network of 25+ schools, 200+ full-time teachers, and 500,000+ students, BFITS Thailand stands out as a premier educational program.

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Benefit from our extensive experience, ensuring excellence in education and unparalleled support for over two decades.

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Join a vast network of schools, offering Native English teachers access to private and government institutions in Thailand.

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BFITS Thailand connects dedicated and enthusiastic native English speakers from around the world who have a passion to teach the youth.

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We take pride in providing quality education to over half a million students in Thailand in over 20+ years ensuring they are equipped with the skills they need to succeed.


What Our BFITS Teachers Say About Us

BFITS has been critically important for helping me realize my dream of living and working in another culture. More specifically, I feel BFITS is a well-managed and solid company.

Lloyd TUR

When I joined BFITS, I thought I would only stay for a year. However, 5 years later I'm still going strong, having held positions in three different schools/ I plan to continue my journey.

Rachel SJC

BFITS as a company, along with its program managers and other back office staff are extremely supportive. They look out for their teachers.


I appreciate BFITS help for making my big move to Thailand run smoothly. BFITS helped me find an accommodation near my school and easy access public transport.

Serina TUR

BFITS is the best agency I have worked for. The schools I have been placed in are well equipped and BFITS staff do a great job of taking care of their teachers.

Nick SJC

The BFITS staff really want the best for their teachers. Between my headteacher, program manager and the HR and visa teams I always have support and people to answer questions.

Heather SJC

BFITS supported me at every stage of the process to start working in Thailand. The people are very helpful and welcoming. I couldn't be happier with the team!

James SJC

The process of moving abroad can be so daunting, but BFITS makes it seamless. The support from the team is unmatched. BFITS is absolutely great!

Jessica SJC

Working with BFITS means I don't have to worry about my visa, work-permit or wages. They have never made a slip in 17 years, including getting me back to Thailand in 2020!


I appreciate the help & resources given by BFITS. Moving to another country & navigating the paperwork/visa/housing processes is very stressful. BFITS helped a lot.

Olivia SJC

You never have to worry about your permits or visas being handled...ever. And, even when there have been issues in the country, you will always be paid on time.


I appreciate that work/life balance the most. I have a young child and BFITS allows me to have time to concentrate on him and not stress or feel insecure about my job.

Michelle SJC

I have enjoyed living and working in Thailand so far. I think BFITS is a good company and been helpful with all of my visa concerns, and 90 day reporting and updates.

Joshua SJC

Working with a long-established and supportive company like BFITS offers peace of mind. In Thailand's often hectic employment sphere, this can be invaluable.

Nevyn SPIM

Join Our BFITS Partner Schools

Join a diverse network of institutions united with BFITS to provide quality education and teaching opportunities in Thailand.

Explore Our BFITS Programs

 Elevate learning with English Program (EP) and Intensive Communicative English Program (ICEP), fostering language proficiency and communication skills.

English Program (EP)

The English Program (EP) caters to Pratom and Matayom students, offering an enriching academic environment in primary and secondary subjects. With a primary focus on Math, Science, Grammar/Literature, and secondary subjects like Social Studies, Health, Digital English, and ICT, students experience a comprehensive English immersion. The program hones their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, fostering fluency and application in real-world contexts.

Intensive Communicative English Program (ICEP)

The Intensive Communicative English Program (ICEP) welcomes students of all levels in Pratom and Matayom, aiming to elevate practical and academic English communication skills. Emphasizing speaking and listening; ICEP also dedicates time to grammar, reading, and writing. Students engage with NES teachers, utilizing western resources and technology, ensuring a dynamic and effective learning experience.

Empowered learners thriving in an engaging and stimulating environment, equipped with critical thinking and collaboration skills.

Meet Our BFITS Students


BFITS Teachers Living in Thailand

A vibrant community of passionate educators from around the world, embracing culture, adventure, and enriching experiences.

Immerse in Thailand's rich culture, traditions, and diverse customs, creating a rewarding cultural exchange.

Embrace the Thai language, fostering deeper connections with locals and enriching your teaching experience.

 Indulge in tantalizing Thai cuisine, savoring a flavorful culinary journey that delights your taste buds.

Enjoy comfortable accommodations, making Thailand feel like home and enhancing your teaching adventure.



Teaching with BFITS Thailand

The BFITS Education Program provides our young students with a modern curriculum to develop the enjoyment of, and commitment to learning by means of engaging and stimulating activities.

We build on student strengths, interests and experiences and develop their confidence in their capacity to learn and work both independently and collaboratively, to promote an enquiring mind with the capacity to think critically.

*Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages/Teaching English as a Foreign Language


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